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Business Card Holder - 1 Pocket

From AU $1.21 - $1.65
This business card holder is much thicker acrylic than most - and is a premium way to display your ..

Business Card Holder - 2 Pocket

From AU $2.31 - $2.75
Holds 2 standard size (94x70mm) business cards. Cards are stacked behind each other to increase spa..

Business Card Holder - 3 Pocket

From AU $2.64 - $3.52
Holds 3 standard sized business cards. Great for a reception desk or display area. Designed to ma..

Business Card Holder - 6 Pocket

From AU $4.84 - $6.05
This acrylic brochure holder holds 6 standard sized business cards (two wide x three deep). ..

Clip on Business Card Holder

From AU $1.21 - $1.65
This business card holder clips onto the front of any brochure holder to make it a combined brochur..
ShowOff Displays offers an impressive selection of plastic business card holders at affordable prices. If you are looking for business card holders in bulk, we are your one-stop destination. We bring to you a versatile range of plastic holders that offer an easy way to promote your brand. Whether you require acrylic business card holder or business card display holder, we have a stylish collection to choose from. Clear acrylic business card holders from ShowOff Displays are available in a range of sizes. They are an easy way to present you and your employee's business cards in a clear, modern format. Business card holders are available in one, two, three and six card sizes.

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At ShowOff Displays, our business card holders are provided direct from our inventory at competitive prices. We offer fast shipping and quality service that has enabled us to become one of Australia’s leading office suppliers for business. If you need assistance with our products or want to place a bulk order, please email us at or call ShowOff Displays on 03 9758 7844