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Choosing the Right Brochure Holder


Brochure display stands, holders and acrylic sign holders are a great, low cost way to promote your business. Whilst much focus is on digital advertising these days, there is no doubt that for both product and services industries, having printed materials that your customers can take away is still a critical promotional tool. Many industries rely heavily on this type of tool, including finance, retail,  education, real estate, health and beauty, leisure and hospitality, healthcare – as well as many government agencies.

Choosing the Right Sign Holder

Clear plastic sign holders are a great visual merchandising aid for many business such as retail stores, hotels, banks, cafes, museums, cafes, restaurants and offices. They are also regularly used in restaurants and cafes as menu holders. It is easy to simply slide out the paper with the message and replace and update it in seconds – so messaging can be regularly updated. With low cost digital printing it is easier than ever to keep messaging fresh and up to date.

Sign and Brochure Hold ers in the Digital Age

In store signage, brochures and catalogues are widely considered to be old-school advertising methods. So much focus and investment from marketers and advertisers today is on digital advertising and marketing techniques. Whilst these are indeed often effective, we don’t recommend that they should be done to the exclusion of the traditional methods.

Brochure ho lders - Convey the Information to Customers

A critical element for any business is to convey the maximum product (or service) information to customers. Customers are increasingly information driven. Competitors are often providing large amounts of information either online of offline – and it is essential to compete. It doesn’t matter if this is in a shop, office, hotel, school, warehouse or wherever.