A4 Wall Mount Plastic Brochure Holder

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Brand: Show Off Displays
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ShowOff Displays offers wall mounted brochure holders as an alternative to the traditional brochure holder that is primarily designed for counter top display. Wall mounted brochure holders are the best option to help you create a permanent wall mounted display for your key messaging materials for your business.

How to Set Up Wall Mount Brochure Holders

Setting up your wall mounted brochure holders is as easy as affixing the mounting bracket to the wall. Then, simply attach the brochure holders of your choice to the wall and add your documents. As an added bonus, these wall mounted brochure holders can be used individually or mounted together into a format that allows you to create a completely customised display according to the size and shape of your wall space. If you want to add multiple rows, all you have to do is simply link the brochure holders together to create your desired unit. 

When your needs change, removing, rearranging or adding to these brochure holders is a breeze. You can even mix and match the sizes that you choose to display by adding A4 brochure holders or our DL and A5 brochure holder options. Each brochure holder has a mounting bracket so that you can affix or remove the brochure holder without risking damage to the unit. Since the wall mounts work with all sizes of our brochure holders, you won't have to worry about having to remove the wall bracket if you want to switch to a different size of brochure holder. 

Superior Design and Construction

In addition to the ease of use of our products, our customers choose our products because of the superior design and construction. Unlike many brochure holders available on the market, the designs of our brochure holders feature high sides in order to ensure that your brochures do not fall out. They also have tilted bottom angles that allow them to lean back against the wall creating a neater display of your key marketing materials.

Adding Value to Your Business

Many businesses throughout Australia have found our solutions to be cost-effective, adding significant value to their businesses. You'll find our products in retail shops, real estate agencies, travel agencies, government offices, hotels, financial services organisations, medical facilities, and much more. We've often started with supplying our customers with countertop displays and as their needs grow, we've upgraded them to permanent wall mount displays shown here.

Questions About Our Products?

At Show Off Displays, we provide our inventory directly to you, which allows us to offer you the most competitive prices and best quality products. If you have questions about our Wall Mount Brochure Holder Displays or any of our other products, please email us at enquiries@partnerpacific.com or call Show Off Displays on 03 9758 7844. Place your order today for fast delivery!